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Improvements to match comments
FootyRoom 11 years ago
36 175

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that commenting system on match pages has been slightly improved.

  • Users/Guests filters
  • Infinite scrolling instead of paging system
  • Better and cleaner UI design
  • Unified commenter interface with the forums one

The filters should definitely help people who do not want to see comments from guests. The infinite scrolling will ease the reading of comments by allowing one to just keep clicking "Load More" for more comments.

Some more additions will come in the next few days to the commenting system.

Thank you for your support and we hope you like the new update.

P.S: If you notice something broken please reply here.

MRarsenal500 11 years ago
Arsenal, England 59 741

yep my rank has turned to normal but i don't care.

DonAndres 11 years ago
Barcelona 62 1138

The thumbs up/Down are counted on the Ranking now?

ironfist2010 11 years ago
Real Madrid, Egypt 69 907

@FootyRoom : thanks for everything :) but it would be better to cancel the ranking system as alot of arguments were made about it :D this also will prevent members with multiple accounts from ruining the site :) and the respect issue seems to be a good replacement :)

ramaboy10 10 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463

Can you restart the reply function? And when replies are working put the reply and your commetn at the top (just for you) so you don't have to scroll down 5 times.

ramaboy10 10 years ago Edited
Mauritius 285 6463


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ramaboy10 10 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463

Oh. :(

Joe_Manchester 10 years ago
Manchester United, Egypt 108 627

Get rid of ranking! but keep top comments on videos etc...

ArsenalGunners 10 years ago
Arsenal, England 37 1662

Hey footyroom, i once saw you say that you will post match statistics such as possession, fouls etc in the match highlight sections. where is it? I will like it more if you add it