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Improvements to match comments
FootyRoom 11 years ago
36 175

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that commenting system on match pages has been slightly improved.

  • Users/Guests filters
  • Infinite scrolling instead of paging system
  • Better and cleaner UI design
  • Unified commenter interface with the forums one

The filters should definitely help people who do not want to see comments from guests. The infinite scrolling will ease the reading of comments by allowing one to just keep clicking "Load More" for more comments.

Some more additions will come in the next few days to the commenting system.

Thank you for your support and we hope you like the new update.

P.S: If you notice something broken please reply here.

ramaboy10 11 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463

Voting / Poll please!!

Lodatz 11 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 150 4992

How about the inclusion of Spoiler buttons? That way you could keep the post size unlimited, but give a better option for those who don't want to spam people unduly?

Like, when you click on the Spoiler button, it expands to show the text that is hidden by default. Also useful for creating 'sections', such as in Dynast's player comparisons.

Dynastian98 11 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140

Aha! Ramaboy pointed out a great idea! If possible, could you make it so that when you post something (NOT when you post a comment), you can create a poll with choices? It would help if only the original poster could create the choices. For example,

Say Ramaboy creates a thread with a poll called, "Which team should Neymar join?"
and the options he gives out are,
 - Barcelona
 - PSG
 - Chelsea
 - Bayern

That means that I can't go on and add a new option named "Real Madrid", but only Rama has the power to do that since he's the one who created the thread. Would be nice if you looked into it. Thanks again FootyRoom!

ramaboy10 11 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463

^ 100% agree , +1

Golden 11 years ago
35 693

Good job, FootyRoom. Though, I'd love to see a timed edit button and reply with quote.

Zakzook 11 years ago
Arsenal, Syria 32 785

Thanks FR.

knibis 11 years ago
Valencia, Sweden 181 2500

Making it easier to find the reply to your comment. and also if i press "comment replies" under my profile pic and press the red speach bubble i see the replies, if i click on forum and then go back to see replies: all replies are gone even if i havnt read any of them.

AlexBatak 11 years ago
Chelsea, Italy 204 2707

Question Poll Next please! :)

AlexBatak 11 years ago
Chelsea, Italy 204 2707

It's great idea! to make it perfect Trolls should not be able to comment on a User's post :)

ironfist2010 11 years ago
Real Madrid, Egypt 69 907

***Good job FR :)

Things to do in highlights section :

Infinite scrolling is good but it would be hard to reach a certain comment especially if it was at the beginning and also it would be nearly impossible in big matches as it always have thousands of comments on it
so i prefer the paging system

Things to do in Forum section :

1- Reply Button : it'll make the thread easier to read and interact
2- Poll 
3- there's no need for a limit in the forum comments

shpalman 11 years ago
AC Milan, Italy 55 2252

thx for the changes FR,now i can dribble all the junk comments down the trailers. 

Footaholic 11 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277

I AM 100% In Agreement with @IRONFIST2010 on all his points...

ChelseaRox10 11 years ago
Chelsea, England U19 142 979


ramaboy10 11 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463

And also, if there is a reply button, there could be a notification or something ?

awais007 11 years ago
Chelsea, Pakistan 178 922

put some smileys icons as well please

awais007 11 years ago
Chelsea, Pakistan 178 922

just like :D :P :) :( ;) will show like faces
otherwise Footyroom is best site

koldimere 11 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974


Jimskeleton 11 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 7 728

^Second that.