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Hi everyone!

We are really excited to finally open forums on FootyRoom.
Let the discussions begin :D

We want to set a few basic rules for the forums. Please take a minute to read them.

1. Racism
No racism! Don't make yourself look like an idiot.

2. Hate Speech and Verbal Attacks
Try to stay polite or at least control your anger. You can swear if you want to but don't use it to offend others. Better use your intelligence to prove your point. Respect other people.

3. Trolling
Comments like "Manchester United Rocks", "Chelsea are crap", "Barcelona RULES" are very boring and immature. It's better if you tell everyone WHY you think Chelsea is crap or why Barcelona 'RULES', because not everyone might think same as you. Phrases like "Uefalona", "Penaldo", "Walkessi", "Mad-rid", "Chelski" are provocative and therefore forbidden. Any phrases that bait or invite personal attacks are also not welcome. If you are trolling YOU WILL BE BANNED.

4. Spam
Don't even try. Everyone hates spam.

5. Highlights
Don't post highlights in here - they will be removed. You can post youtube videos and pictures only.

6. Going Off Topic
Always stay on topic that the original post provided. If you have nothing to say about the current topic then don't post. Don't start or get involved in fights with users that lead to arguments of who knows more about this and that.

Just follow these simple rules and we will all enjoy staying here. Remember that everyone of us is part of this community, so we are all responsible for making it a place that we love.

6. Political debate - region or country shaming
This is a football website. Please do not bring those discussion here especially to use it against your counter part in a fight. Does not matter if it's true or not, such discussions are NOT welcomed.


Worst Rated Comment

Anyone who wants to participate don't forget to write us an email. So far we received three offers. We gonna run this casting for another 2 weeks.