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FootyRoom's Facebook Page has been closed
FootyRoom 11 years ago
36 175

Dear FootyRoom Fans,

Yesterday (9th January 2013) our Facebook Page at has been unpublished (closed) by Facebook automated system.

When we visited our page we were greeted with "Your Page has been unpublished and it cannot be published again." We were very surprised to what might have gone wrong.

There were two options available "Learn More" and "Appeal". "Learn More" link took you to, which does not explain anything. So the only options was left is to appeal. Without knowing what we did wrong we used the appeal form to send a message to facebook asking for explanation.

The next day we received a response:

So apparently our Facebook page provided "poor user experience". Wait, what? Did you actually go and see our page?

We do not spam, we do not advertise products on our page, we do not post offensive or abusive content.
Our content is very engaging and fun. It is genuinely interesting to browse through it.

For those who have never been on our Facebook page, take a look at some of the screenshots here:

But actually we know what happened.

Since this is a football related website, naturally there is rivalry between fans of different teams.
When one team or player does well, their rivals will feel bad. This is normal. This is the nature of sport.

Unfortunately for us, when we post positive news about one team, rivals of this team sometimes report the news as offensive. (We guess only insecure kiddies do that)

This is exactly what happened when we posted news about Messi receiving Ballon D'or. We had a few people report that the content is offensive and asked it to be put down. How obnoxious must you be to do that?

Well sure enough, after receiving a number of such complaints, the automated system of Facebook unpublished our page. And the people behind Facebook failed to even look at the core of the problem. I bet they didn't even visit the page.

So to try and get our page back we tried contacting Facebook through numerous lifeless forms found on their website. But there is no hope a human will ever reply to our plea. Facebook does not provide phone support either.

We tried contacting a few people directly working at Facebook through Linkedin (we know we sound desperate), but we will have to wait and see how it goes. Here's the mail we sent:


As things stand right now, we have very low chance of getting our Facebook Page back. 

That is why we would like to ask for your help. If you are willing to help please do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Leave feedback asking to return back. Let them know that you are not happy with their decision and you demand it back online.

We sincerely appreciate if you can help. We believe our Facebook Page is part of FootyRoom community.

Thank you all,
FootyRoom Team

Lodatz 11 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 150 4992

Complaint/request lodged.

quikzyyy 11 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

Damn who the hell voted this page as "POOR"?

koldimere 11 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

This is so unfair and wrong! I'll try my best to support you guys. This is the best football highlights website too bad the idiots who are responsible for this don't know it.

nandaYNWA 11 years ago
Liverpool, Australia 87 946


United_Hates_Blues 11 years ago
Manchester United, England 14 985

Hahaha now you know what it feels like to have your account banned or discussion closed.

This is meant as a joke, Hope FR don't ban me :P.

Tuanis 11 years ago
Manchester United, England 86 2310

already sent my petition to facebook to put it back online. i hope everyone else helps to get it back

Lodatz 11 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 150 4992

I haz question. If someone else were to start up a replacement page, could that person just add FR to the admins for the page, and run it as before?

awais007 11 years ago
Chelsea, Pakistan 178 922


Joe_Manchester 11 years ago
Manchester United, Egypt 108 627

I just submitted a complaint!

All of us for FootyRoom!

expertfootball11 11 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

FR, you can't be blamed. It's just that this Fucking facebook team don't even look at the source of the problem?

Otherwise, why wouldn't you make a FR page on Twitter??

AlexBatak 11 years ago
Chelsea, Italy 204 2707

Done! But wait.. Who need FB when you have such a great site like this one? :)

devilz 11 years ago
Manchester United, England 47 670

done :) must be some 10 yr old kids posting negative feedback who have nothing better to do

TylerCFC 11 years ago
Chelsea, England 5 37


MRarsenal500 11 years ago
Arsenal, England 59 741

not good news. are footyroom gonna make a new page?

FootyRoom 11 years ago
36 175

If we do not get this one back, then we will have to create a new page of course.
@Lodatz: we won't go that way.

Thank you for support ;)

Footy_Troll 11 years ago
Rest of the World, Eritrea 5 4

Done! Facebook are idiots!

AmitPwnz 11 years ago
Barcelona, Israel 0 280

That sucks!

quikzyyy 11 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

still no response from facebook, is gonna FR be active on facebook again?

happyafridi2012 11 years ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 3 20

we want talkroom seem that its not working properly cus there is always three guys online i mean available in talkroom