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Manchester United
somewhere in England
  • Birthday1996-06-13
  • GenderDude
  • Locationsomewhere in England
  • Club:Manchester United
  • National Team:England
  • Bio/About eat, football, sleep.
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just to say... man city's starting line up: £180M Ajax starting line up: £3M RESPECT.
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dont get me wrong, i love fergie....and i would want him to stay at man utd for years to come. but after hearing the recent news that guardiola has resigned as barcalona manager, i think we gotta look to the future. since pep is retiring at the end of the season, i personally think that he would be the PERFECT manager to replace fergie (god i hate saying that it sounds weird) but he suits our playing style, he is young (i think? well he looks youngish) if someone said to me would you like fergie to stay for a few more seasons i would say yes, but we have to look to the future now as fergie is getting old. what do you think...