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Portland, OR
  • Full NameJessica
  • Birthday1974-05-13
  • GenderFemale
  • LocationPortland, OR
  • Club:Arsenal
  • National Team:United States
  • Bio/AboutUsed to casually follow soccer right before the Invincibles because bf obsessed, but dropped him, and just picked up the habit last year again and am totally rabid! Arsenal!!! I was a paralegal and then graduated from law school but never practiced (lawyers ARE trolls, by and large). Live a five minute walk from MLS Timberland, but can\'t get into it. Enjoy good literature (Faulkner, McCarthy, Nabokov, any of the \"hysterical realists\" like Martin Amis, Rushdie, and a lot of South Asian writers), leftie politics, crossword puzzles etc., linguistics, history, movies (especially Asian horror), and a whole bunch of other shit I won\'t bore you with further :)
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Thought you would lol. You're a good guy for a Spurs fan, man.