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Manchester United
naman93 12 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
now what wud u say? hazzard ditched utd for chelsea! utd are in the champs league, finished level on points with the eventual champions and more than 25 points ahead of chelsea and stil this guy picks chelsea! now wat was the prob? again.. no money?? quite obviously he sees a better future at chelsea, coz wast ferguson does is he keeps talented players on the bench and selfish players on the pitch!
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
more often than not this shud be utd's line up if they dont buy quality players which i believe they wont! wid a 4-4-2 formation, rooney and hernandez upfront, young and valencia as wingers along wid cleverley and carrick in the middle, THERE IS NO NEED OF SCHOLES AND GIGGS (dont show ur weak and desparate to teams by stil reying on old guys when therez young talent in the squad), evans, ferdinand, vidic and rafael at the back wid jones and fabio.. evra is no good anymore! in an era where there are amazing left backs in the country this fella absolutely stinks! i was so hopin back in 2007 or so for oshea and berbatov to be sacked out of the club coz they just don belong at utd, oshea got chucked now berbatov is on hez way out! the utd management sucks dude! i mean if i cud see that these 2 players are rubbish then y cant they, it took em so long to realize that?? infact i was totally against berbatov signin for utd and this is wat ferguson does, wastes the money he has and then cries we've got no money! the money is there but they don ave a very good recruitin team! i can do a better job instead! ;)
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
where exactly from india are you?
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
yes!! he has to! but i wonder where wil he get all the finances from..
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
dude ur so naive :) but its good to know that u are still by ur clubs side no matter wat.. and i really appreciate that u atleast admitted that ferguson has made mistakes! i used to be that way but time teaches u everythin.. so i'd say give it time until the frustration creeps in.. and its got nothin to do wid logic.. speak sense, get ur facts right! look into the numbers! inter asked 35 million for sneijder and benzema was bot for 35 million, am hopin u know math but just to make it a lil more obvious here u go, 35 35 = 70 million, NOT 100! k?? and how much was ronaldo sold for?? 80 million, aint it?? so that stil leaves utd wid 10 million along wid 2 world class players! now, lets talk about numbers! i hope ul atleast agree that its golas that win u games and not possesion and useless passing! Karim benzema scored 32 goals for real this season which is way more that ashely young phil jones combined which was a meagre 10! now u may argue that they are midfielders and defenders like a typical utd fan but not that they did somethin great! like i said in my eralier post, they arent game changers and match winners.. they are fillers, thats all.. u cant compare any of these to sneijder, who led inter to champs leg glory and a world cup final who is the most creative midfielder right now!, cmon dude i thot ur smarter that this! dont act like one of those dumb utd fans on this site who are all like "yeah utd rocks! and yeah, we will do this and that and bull shit"! they talk but no one knows the actual picture! its that picture that allows me to predict and even get em right! i guess wen ur into analysis for 16 years u wud know better! like for eg, every new player utd is associated wid, i keep a track or follow up! wen hernandez was linked wid utd i watched hez videos and predicted that this fella is gona be a good buy and wat did he do last season?? 20 goals! but if not for ferguson he would ave been much better this term! tel me one thing, y only otehr teams end up buyin good players?? mata, ramires, ivanovic for chelsea, arteta for arsenal, saurez for liverpool, so many wonderful players for totenham, all these teams buy game changers and y only we end up buyin shit!! the only worthwile player utd ave bot til date in WAYNE ROONEY! this guy according to my analysis is a legend! inspite of bein one of the highest rated players in world football i still belive he is under rated! utd fans ave absolutley no clue wat they ave in wayne rooney and that goes for u too buddy! other thing, ferguson is simply hyped! i see no reason! i mean i agree he was great but wen the goin got tough he was only left to lick hez wounds! MOURINHO who according to me in the best manager in the history of the game absolutley OWNED ferguson in hez reign at chelsea! trust me if it wasnt for abrahmovich sackin mourinho ferguson wudve been on the streets beggin for money! wat did utd do for those 2 years when chelsea ruled the league?? nothin! not nothin but they cudnt do anythin and thats wats gona happen to em wid city now! am not gona say that mancini is great but hez def got a great squad!! KEEPING ALL THINGS ASIDE my heart stil lies at utd but my brain tells me that city is gona be the new king now! and if united win the league back next season which is possible only if they buy someone who can help out the poor lad wayne rooney who is doin everythin possible!! or else u can only sit back and watch city lift titles! il TELL U WHAT!! UTD DONT NEED TALENTED PLAYERS INFACT THE CURRENT SQUAD IS VERY MUCH CAPABLE BUT THE ATTITUDE OF THE MANAGER IS NOT HELPING WHICH IN TURN IS AFFECTING THE PLAYERS! i wil be the happiest person if utd retain the league next year! lets see how gud is fergie! and as for ur last sentence like ive always said, i never estimate, its all statistical analysis and facts! plain and simple!
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
trust me as a united fan i couldn't be any more disappointed! ive been a fan of utd for 16 years now and i know this was not their best season! are u kiddin me with the bettin? its not about what happned in the last game! who better than u wud know that i said once that a team that performs the better against the so called top 4, well top 5 now is the one that is the last one standin! not the one that lost 7-1 home and away! SEVEN?? seriously?? and not the team that loses to an eventually relegated side at home! but a team that wins it wid narrow defeats and even narrower draws! i found it so funny wen utd won against norwich 2-1 late into extra time and they were celebratin like they beat barca! that aint utd for me, its a bloody damn promoted team, wat elation can u get! just shows how desperate theyve become! and wat does city do in the same game at the same venue? whack norwich 6-1! thats the stuff of real champions! so wat if they had the money? they had it, they spent it well unlike mr ferguson the geek who bought next to shit! he had the money as well! i aint sayin that jones degea and young are bad but they arent match winners, nor game changers! he couldve easily bought sneijder alone and may be one other player there was no need of 3! where was he wen he had the chance to buy kaka or benzema wen they were on sale, i don think they were bought for more than 40 million each by real madrid, is it?? this geek cudve easily spent the 80 million from ronaldo and got these 2 massive game changers but no, he stil belives in buyin young talent and then he curses for not avin the money! the problem is he a very arrogant egoistic and PROUD fella and more importantly has no fear of bein sacked and thats y he does wat he wants! united arent the side i know, where are the counter attacks?? utd were world renowned for the amazin counter attacks and decisive forward play but now its like a drill all teams know.. "a million passes at the back in their own half, then a ball to carrick or scholes, then a ball out wide to valencia or young and then a cross in where in 1 out of a million meets the striker" everyone knows the drill! so the defendin becomes easier! where was the flair that they showed againt arsenal in the 8-2 demolition! NO! dont say that its not possible everytime coz i know it aint! but i wudnt mind if utd wins 3-0 but wid a lot of attckin and a whole lot of chances as in shot on target! but that aint happenin! it was so frusrating to see a team like utd completely satisfied with 1-0 results! "WHEN U GET INTO THE HABBIT OF GOAL SCORING U KNOW WEN AND HOW TO SCORE A GOAL AND THATS WAHT CITY DID THIS SEASON AND EVENTUALLY IT WAS THE GOAL DIFFERENCE THAT DECIDED IT! il tel u why, coz cleverley got injured! to me hez the find for utd this season and hez the only one who can penetrate defenses wid amazingly accurate through balls which no other player can replicate! remeber wen i said that there are a couple of things that cud cost utd the title? cleverley was one of then, ferguson dint give him enough game time to return to hez best after injuy and the other thing is the selfish nani was back and also wellback was given the nod ahead of hernandez and he was equally selfish! how the f**k can u keep some like hernandez out of the side, the man who scored an incredible 20 goals in hez debut season! these were the 2 things! okay fine i agree taht they were hit by injuries bt stil that is not an excuse coz injuries are a part and parcel of the game, its the right kinda attitue that wins u games! the biggest example was the city game at the etihad, u cud clearly see that ferguson went for the draw with the kidna team line up he put up! taht is thinkin defensively! straightaway u give ur opponent the impression that u are scared! the moment i saw the line up i knew utd was gona lose it! wen u go for a win prob u may get a draw but if u go wid a mindset of a draw all ur gona do is lose! "i predicted utd wont win any silverware this season and it came ture"! i predicted that city wil win the leage VIA THE GOAL DIFFERENCE and it came true!" and this may hurt but i can tel u one thing for sure, utd and ferguson can kiss the title good bye for another 2 years MINIMUM coz city are gona rule the PL now! its the dawn of a new era!
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
am not gona gloat but am stil gona say "i told u so"
rescue_secure 12 years ago
England 25 1357
you shudve got a fair idea that am elder than u wen i said am a fan of united since 96.. i sent u an FR coz i like to discuss things wid people who are willing to.. i don hate united i love em since 96 that calls for somethin but i belive i love em too much to hate watchin em play like this.. they can be a lot better
expertfootball11 12 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837
Hey man, do you know how to close a discussion on a forum ? Answer me on my wall. Thanks.
FootyRoom 12 years ago
36 175
Happy New year!
Manufan456 12 years ago
Manchester United, Greece 3 19
I agree. Let's hope for the best against newcastle in midweek
mladen 12 years ago
Manchester United, Yugoslavia 253 2319
thanks man :) best wishies :) Suderland mak my day :)
sevensins 12 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 1 3
Thanks bro have a great year:)
yesmanunited 12 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 1
You too, mate \m/
Heisinburg 12 years ago
Manchester United 67 1516
You too, mate ;{)
Gennady 12 years ago
Manchester United 284 3963
Thanks mate! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
manufannr1 12 years ago
Manchester United, Finland 2 6
really great video! happy new year:D from a manu fan to another
koldimere 12 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974
you too buddy!
mladen 13 years ago
Manchester United, Yugoslavia 253 2319
heheee :) thanks.Merry Christmas to you too:) but my Christmas is 7.01. ;)
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