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Manchester City
ChelseaFC4eva 6 years ago
Chelsea, Germany 0 437
I would like to know someone from Bosnia. I have been to your beautiful country and it was unforgettable. Can I have your FB page so we can communicate?My name is Rahi. How about yours?
Tuanis 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 86 2310
He's been dealt with and has been warned. If this or anything related happens again, please let me know.
Tuanis 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 86 2310
Done. I hope he doesn't bother you or anyone else in a while. The problem with these unregistered users is that a ban is not as effective but lets just hope we don't see him around anymore. Than you for reporting him.
chili_fingerz 8 years ago
Manchester City 0 129
Thanks for the add PrincessB! Great to see we're both fans of the same club :)
Shader21 9 years ago
Manchester City, Spain 1 340
dzeko looks like he's leaving. Do you think he should go?
BPA12345 10 years ago
AS Roma, Brazil 0 120
hey.. you ok :-) x
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