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AS Roma
  • Full NameBilal Prince-Ali
  • Birthday1993-01-02
  • GenderUnspecified
  • LocationLondon
  • Club:AS Roma
  • National Team:Brazil
  • Website
  • Bio/AboutI support Man utd & AS Roma, im a video games designer, comic book nerd and a dancer by trade.. i think im a pretty well rounded awesome guy :-D lol.
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so ok.. i now wanna hear what stupid opinions and arguments people are going to bring, We beat LA Galaxy '7-0' which was met with the typical "its a shitty little MLS team big woop" we beat Roma which was completely unfairly met with "Its a shitty little Serie A team" we beat Inter on pens, "oh it was a lucky match, had to nip it on pens against a shitty little Seria A team" now we've beating Champions league winning La Liga Biggest club in terms of footballing terms Real Madrid, that ACTUALLY fielded a really good team... so.. what will be said now, this has nothing to do with saying we'll win the league simply saying its easy to see the difference between the United of today in comparison to the United of last season, simples.
Worst Rated Comment
what the fucks a goaltender!!!!? -____- Please remove 'Man United' as your favourite team.. you're making us look bad!