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Real Madrid
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@tuan @Lio People said that Torres was irreplaceable, that bringing in Diego Forlan wasn't going to be enough. "Who the F is Aguero!" they said while laughing at the fact that Diego Forlan, the potential "flop" was getting older. Then we've seen the same thing happen to Falcao when Aguero left, similarly with the Falcao/ Diego Costa transition. And more recently, Costa handing the torch to Greizmann to lead Atletico (People actually questioned that, too.)

We fail to realize that talent is grown in the Calderon (That actually rhymes!). ATL is a perfect example of taking a C and B level footballers and turning them into B, A, and A+ players. And they do that to players in all positions, too:

GK: De Gea - Courtois- Oblak
DEF: Gimenez - Godin - Luis
MID: Saúl - Koke - Turan
ATT: Torres - Aguero - Forlan (Refind) - Falcao (Refind) - Costa - Greizmann (Refind)

Anyway, you get the point. Iago is a solid B player, and I know for a FACT his talent will be developed there.

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Barcelona have won 4 La Liga trophies in the past 7 years, while Atletico and Real Madrid have won 1 each.

Yeah, pretty sure La Liga is "fixed" for Real Madrid.