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Should Griezman be worth more than Pogba?
Amerr30 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Bosnia-Herzegovina 56 616

You've asked yourself this if you're following the news and watching the Euro, which I'm sure you do.

He is out performing Pogba in this tournament by a big margin. If Pogba is worth somewhere around 100M, then Griezman should be at least 120, right?



There are so many great wingers/attackers in the modern game. Just think about it. Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, Suarez, Neymar, Robben, Reus, Griezman, and the list keeps going and going.

These are all top top quality players, the cream of the crop.

Not one of these players though can defend or have the physicality and dominance that Pogba offers.

That is why he's rated so highly, and so expensive. Players like him are very rare, at least in this generation. There were times when players like him were all around. Makelele, Viera, Yaya Toure. These are the players that I would most liken Pogba to. In a time when a value of a midfielder that can both attack and defend well is understood and respected, a player like Pogba will eventually break the transfer record. It's only a matter time.

Griezman? He won't even get close.

SunFlash 8 years ago
USA 19 3260

Look. I like Pogba, but nothing about him screams to me "I'm worth 100 million!"

A player worth that much should be single-handedly taking over games, yet what I've seen in this tournament from Pogba has him essentially playing the role of a squad player. Matuidi and Kante have been handling the defensive work in midfield, Payet has been the main creator, while Griezman and Giroud have scored the goals. Pogba has just been...there. I mean, he's made a few nice runs from midfield and drawn freekicks, but that's nothing Nick Powell couldn't do.

I wouldn't mind having him, but for 100 million I have to think United's money could do better.

Dynastian98 8 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140

Griezmann > Pogba. Griezmann has been one of the best players this season and a Ballon d'Or contender along with Suarez, Lewandowski, Messi, and Ronaldo. This man has been phenomenal.

_Gonzi_ 8 years ago
Juventus, Argentina 2 2102

they're both great, they both excel in their position on the pitch. Hard to say which is worth more, or who should be worth more. Griezmann in this day in age, would be worth more, for the sole reason that strikers usually go for more money. However, a player like Pogba, who has shown dominance in italy, in CL at such a young age (23 vs Griezmann 25) imo is worth a tiny tiny tiny bit more.

Marcus2011 8 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6501

Why is Media talking about Pogba ? It was Payet and Griezmans tournament ! Both are key players to France counter attacking football .

Payet sets the tempo to France. Pogba is just doing his CM work . Nothing special .

Marcus2011 8 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6501

I also like POgba a lot ! However, 100 million for him ? No .. bring me at least two world class players for that price .

Gennady 8 years ago
Manchester United 284 3961

For the past year I've been saying that Griezmann deserves to be the Ballon D'or finalist. And I was really hoping United would sign him. Pogba is a fantastic player, but for me Griezmann is better. 100mil for Pogba is a total BS

quikzyyy 8 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

What you've wrote makes no sense. Attackers are here to attack not to defend, and they will always be more expensive than midfielders. Pogba wasn't even one of best 3 in Juventus this season. Whoever pays 100M is paying for the hype around him.

saatvik10 8 years ago
Manchester United, India 27 540

I agree with all of you. Pogba is brilliant, but I don't think he's worth 100 million. If I was Woodward, I would pay at the most 55 mil for him.

tuan_jinn 8 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6912

Griezmann for me!

liomessi10 8 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053

Griezmann is worth 120m in today's money.
Id put pogba around 85m

tiki_taka 8 years ago
Barcelona, France 367 9768

Pogba is overrated actually, a sort of YouTube highlight wonder because his goals are amazing, he reminds me of Santos Neymar. The problem is that he isn't 19 yo anymore, in fact he is reaching 24 in few month and I stopped talking about BO contender. To be honest he is gifted but not a consistent hard worker, not as sharp as Grizou who is for me a BO contender this season.
Pogba worth should be 60M, his style is unique but in big games he isn't enough to win a game, I remember Juve-Bayern in CL and then Atelti-Bayern.
Actually I would agree if he had Modric or Busquets midlefield science, but no he has just some great dribbles and a good shooting ability.
Griezmann progression is the progression of a Legend, less on adds more on the pitch, he turned into Atleti focal point comming from Sociedad withing 2 years, plays as a false nine and being complete up front.

Antoine is at least 25 mil more expensive and for me he is the kind of player who does not have a price, Pogba has...

Argjentt 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Kosovo 1 274

Sure.Griezmann is a great player, and Pogba is just overrated.
Griezmann price should be at least 70-80 mil. $, and Pogba's max. 50 mil.

porkey 8 years ago
Liverpool, Trinidad and Tobago 9 85

Yes griezmann should be worth more than pogba
Griezmann is a match winner
Pogba got mad skills and great vision but 100m way too much
Food for thought wonder how much they would pay for ronaldo or messi given the chance

Tuanis 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 86 2310

Well they are two completly different players but non of them are worth over 70m imo. Griezman is great but I dont see him being top 5 in the world right now. A striker is usually more valuable than a midfielder or any other player so I dont have the slightest clue as of why is Pogba worth 100m for anyone. United could use a lot more a player like Griezman than Pogba who I considered has been overrated a lot recently.

rayrex7 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Croatia 26 797

No way any of them are worth more than 70m just as tuanis said. But looking at the transfer sales nowadays. I dont thinks its high, comparing to other transfer targets. Transfer sales these years have been outrageously stupid.

chelsea8 8 years ago
Chelsea, Iran 17 2219

The most ridiculous one is real madrid asking 75million for morata, money is being spilled these days at average players.

rayrex7 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Croatia 26 797

@chelsea I agree, Morata is a great striker, but 75 is way too pricy. 30-40 is more than enough for him,

chelsea8 8 years ago
Chelsea, Iran 17 2219

Yeah and now according to beinsport: pogba is heading to manchester united and will cost 125million and extra 20million for his wages, that's f@king crazy.

Emobot7 8 years ago
538 11435

Pogba got some crazy dance move, of course he cost more. ;p
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