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Real Madrid
Portland, OR
  • Full NameAmer Hodzic
  • Birthday1985-03-29
  • GenderMale
  • LocationPortland, OR
  • Club:Real Madrid
  • National Team:Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • WebsiteNone
  • Bio/AboutFenerbahce & Real Madrid
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Though there is no such thing as a bad guy, only different perspectives, I still can't bring myself to look at the other side of Costa. His attitude, at least for me, does not warrant the unbiased consideration. Regardless of the way he was brought up or the stuff he had to endure, nothing justifies his actions on the pitch.

When I was 7 years old, war broke out and many friends and relatives were killed. Neighbors or people we considered as friends started shooting at us, wanting to kill us. We moved to a different Country where I had to learn to a new language, new way of living, new everything.

At 11 years old, my mother passed and I was left to raise myself due to my alcoholic, physically as well as mentally and emotionally abusive father.

Just when I found some stability in my life at 15, we again moved to a different Country. New language, and a completely new way of life, again.

To say that I had a difficult life would be an understatement as these are only bullet points. There was a lot more to this but I have never ever blamed my life experiences for any poor decision I've made. I never sought refuge of my difficult past for any wrongs I've done.

All these things made me a better and a stronger person. It allowed me to have a lot more empathy than a regular person, and understand struggle better than most people.

How you deal with things at the end of the day will depend on your character and who you are, as well as your experiences, of course. However, most of it is dependent on your character.

It is Costa's character that he acts the way he does on the pitch, and if you ask me - he would have acted that way even if he was brought up in the best possible way.

This sympathy thread towards Costa does absolutely nothing for me. I consider him as I always have, a despicable human being.

Worst Rated Comment
LMAO! I love that he calls himself a winner. What the hell has he won? He didn't win CL with one of the best assembled Barcelona squads, he didn't win it with Inter. He didn't win crap with PSG. The only things he's won is league titles, and French league is a one horse race where PSG has no rival. You're not a winner, Ibrahimovic. You're just an outspoken asshole that will be forgotten soon as you retire.