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Official: Champions League Round of 16 Draw results
Aiden_Finland 6 years ago
Real Madrid, Finland 18 1236

Juventus v Tottenham (Lets see if Spurs can actually upset Juve, Juve to me will go through)

Basel v Man City (Congrats Man City for progressing to the next round)

Porto v Liverpool (Liverpool are inconsistent but Porto are strong too)

Sevilla v Man Utd (Man U will park the bus and go through)

Real Madrid v Paris St-Germain ( Personally playing against PSG will be tough considering our defensive issues and squad depth. Hopefully Ronaldo can save us.)

Shakhtar v Roma (Roma to go through)

Chelsea v Barcelona ( What a game expect lots of goals to me Barca will go through to the next round)

Bayern v Besiktas (Dont underestimate Besiktas infact I think the can upset Bayern especially when they play at home their fans will be cheering for hours)

What are your thoughts?

Marcus2011 6 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6501

Away game won't be any different to home game.. for Besiktas both are home games :D

Emrecan_58 6 years ago
Besiktas 149 3375

@Marcus True. But the club board doesn't allow fans to attend the away games after the incident in Lyon. Even though it is forbidden, we will probably still see more than 2000 away fans.enter image description here

Marcus2011 6 years ago
Chelsea FC, England 277 6501

Uefa bastards . Dont worry in germany turks will come just because it is turkish club

Emobot7 6 years ago
538 11429

@Emre Damn, that suck. :( I don't think it will stop all Besiktas fan because we know their devoted but thats still a tough break.

Golazo111 6 years ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2607

For Besiktas its all about the home ground anyway, but IMO passing the group is already a great thing so no worries, they need to make a consistency of playing regular Champions League seasons.