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Messi next destination?
quikzyyy 3 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

Despite FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi having reached an agreement and the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, this cannot happen because of Spanish LaLiga regulations on player registration.

enter image description here

As a result of this situation, Messi shall not be staying on at FC Barcelona. Both parties deeply regret that the wishes of the player and the club will ultimately not be fulfilled.

FC Barcelona wholeheartedly expresses its gratitude to the player for his contribution to the aggrandisement of the club and wishes him all the very best for the future in his personal and professional life.

So, biggest bomb of this year, overshadowing everything else..

Is he going to PSG? Will this mean Mbappe is off to Madrid?

Madridista11 3 years ago
Real Madrid, Somalia 41 831


Footy_watch 3 years ago
Arsenal, Brazil 23 1849

In order of the best scenario:

  1. Messi to Arsenal
  2. Messi and Ronaldo in the same team
  3. Messi at PSG
  4. Messi at City
Emobot7 3 years ago
538 11428

Well damn, just heard the news, can hardly believe it to be true. Feel bad for Barca and their fans, everything was close to work out and now this happen. Whatever happen, its gonna be freaking weird to see Messi in another team but quite interesting from a neutral point of view. Best of luck to him at his new team.

Messi to Arsenal
Messi and Ronaldo in the same team

Mate, those two aren't happening, especially the first one. Ronaldo joining him at PSG could have happened but propably not this season.

He will no doubt be more interesting in either joining Neymar at PSG or Pep at City, especially considering that at his age, he will be more interested in winning new trophy rather than joining a project that is in construction.

Gennady 3 years ago
Manchester United 284 3961

I honestly hope he comes to the Premier League, but unfortunately I think it'll surely be PSG

Emobot7 3 years ago Edited
538 11428

@Gennady Yeah, it sound more likely, seen some report saying PSG will need to sell some players first and that City won't even try.

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@Gennady Yeah, it sound more likely, seen some report saying PSG will need to sell some players first and that City aren't interested.

uncle_touchy 3 years ago
Manchester United, England 3 123

Psg in direct contact with leo.

tiki_taka 3 years ago
Barcelona, France 367 9768

Wherever he goes, trophies will come.

Footy_watch 3 years ago Edited
Arsenal, Brazil 23 1849

It's going to be very weird having messi in the team I support. The first time in messi's career I will be on the same side as him (other than the one off games when he faced man utd and Tottenham)

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It's going to be very weird having messi in the team I support. The first time I will be on the same side as messi

It's going to be very weird having messi in the team I support. The first time in messi's career I will be on the same side as him

It's going to be very weird having messi in the team I support. The first time in messi's career I will be on the same side as him. Well other than the times when he faced man utd and Tottenham.

United_Hates_Blues 3 years ago
Manchester United, England 14 984

Ramos and Messi in the same team lol

Ngannou 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, Cameroon 1 465

He's not joining any European team. He will join his boyhood team newells. Mark my words

uncle_touchy 3 years ago
Manchester United, England 3 123

enter image description here

Ngannou how much you willing to bet on that?

Ngannou 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, Cameroon 1 465

^ I've already put 10 grand on that pal.

Emobot7 3 years ago
538 11428

He's not joining any European team. He will join his boyhood team newells. Mark my words

To be fair, he did said I think in the past he would love to join them when he is near the end his career. Now I still think its too early for it but we'll see.

uncle_touchy 3 years ago
Manchester United, England 3 123

That's ten grand you're going to lose. Especially in this transfer window. Cause he'll definitely join a European Club before his boyhood team.

expertfootball11 3 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

Imagine if he went to Chelsea...

Ngannou 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, Cameroon 1 465

^^ well that's pocket change for some bud. For some it's their life savings.

yiquqoho 3 years ago Edited
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It was 3pm on a Friday and I couldn't wait to go home. It had been a long week and I was ready to get the weekend started. When 5 pm finally rolled around I grabbed my keys and practically ran out the door. I am usually one of the last ones to leave the office, regardless of what day it is, but today was a special day for me. I finally got home, walked to the fridge, grabbed a beer and made my way to my bedroom.
When I walked in, Tiffany was laying on my bed. When she had asked me what she should wear I told her to surprise me. She was dressed in the classical plaid school-girl uniform complete with an unbuttoned white blouse that barely covered her C cup breasts and her tight tummy on display for my viewing pleasure. Her legs were bent at the knees with white thigh-high nylons that came up and over her knees, covering her perfect long legs. The sexiest part was her plaid skirt that strategically covered her cute little pussy. The whole outfit was not a costume, it was actually her school uniform.

She had a big coquettish grin on her face. “Hi there. I know how much you love molesting innocent little school girls, so I figured I'd stay in my uniform. Does this get your dick hard you fucking pervert?” She slowing lifted her skirt to show me her lacey white panties that I had personally bought and sent her about a week ago. She liked acting like a bitch towards me because it was her way of coaxing me into treating her like a whore, the same way I did when I first fucked her.

Let me start at the beginning and not get ahead of myself.

My wife and I had recently divorced. It wasn't exactly amicable with her cheating on me with her best friend's husband. Fortunately, we never had kids of our own. She had two kids prior to our marriage that probably got hurt the most. They called me daddy but now I wasn't allowed to see them. Needless to say, I wasn't in the best of moods. However, with an upcoming high school reunion, it was exactly what I needed and was looking forward to it.
I had made arrangements with my buddy Joe to stay at their house. He and his wife Kathy were high school sweethearts and we were all good friends in high school and have maintained our friendship to this day. Although, I had not been in town for the past two years because my parents had sold their place and moved to a warmer state so I had not visited in forever.

Wanting not to rush my trip, I made plans to arrive on a Wednesday. With the no-host get-together on Friday night prior to the actual big party, I figured Wednesday and Thursday would give me time to drive around town to see all the changes. Besides, Joe had done well for himself with a big beautiful home and a big pool in the back that I planned on taking advantage of.

The trip was a 3 hour drive, so come Wednesday I took off late in the morning with plans to make it close to lunch. Joe had told me that they would be taking the day from work, waiting for me with cold beers and cooking up steaks and burgers on the grill by the pool. Unfortunately, he would need to work the rest of the week.

When I finally arrived I made my way to the backyard, the first thing I saw was three gorgeous young ladies laying out on chaise lounges. They were young with tight bodies and beautiful tits. I made myself known as I walked out the door and right away saw Joe by the grill with Kathy sitting under an umbrella enjoying a glass of wine while playing on her phone. Joe quickly called me over and we gave each other a hug with Kathy coming over to say hi. She too was looking pretty fucking good in a blue bikini of her own.

A little story about these two. They started dating at the start of our Junior year and being realistic, they broke up when they both went away to college after graduation. They were going in two different directions and felt it would be too hard to maintain a relationship. They stayed friends the entire time and ended up getting back together a few years after graduating from college.

What Joe never knew was that the summer of my Sophomore year, I came home to spend the summer in town. Kathy and I went out for drinks and we ended up hooking up. We spent the whole summer working, partying and fucking, but we were never an official couple. At the end of summer, we ended the summer with a bang before returning to our respective schools.

Now here we were 20 years after graduating from high school. They were married and had a beautiful daughter. Of the three girls laying out by the pool, Tiffany, the one with the biggest tits and the hottest body, was their daughter.

After hugging me, she called Tiffany over to come say hello while also introducing me to her friends. One of the girls actually gave me the once over that I assumed Kathy had missed. When Tiffany got up from her chair and I had to take a sip from my beer before saying something that would get me in trouble. It was incredible what a difference two years can make.

When I was last there, little Tiffany was just starting high school. Now, that same little Tiffany was fucking hot with a smoking body. There was nothing little about Tiffany. She stood there in front of me looking fucking great at 5'9” in a white bikini that showed off her impressive C cup tits, her slim waist and her smooth long spectacular legs. She was all legs and I wondered what they would feel like wrapped around and pulling me in while I shoved my cock into her sweet pussy.

I was later to find out that her exact measurements were 38-26-36. She was a young lady in a woman's body. Holy fuck she looked delicious!

She had just completed her Sophomore year and was enjoying the summer with her friends before starting their Junior year. She was a spitting image of her mom, when Kathy was her age in high school. Even before they started dating, there were several of us that had tried asking Kathy out but for some stupid reason she chose Joe. A lot of hearts were broken when they became an official couple.

We spent the rest of the day by the pool, enjoying our beers, burgers and thanks to my sunglasses, plenty of eye candy as the girls either laid out or played in the pool. At one point, all of us were playing around in the pool and the girls looked even nicer up close. Eventually the day came to an end and the girls parents came by to pick them up before we cleaned up and went inside.
As it got late, Joe and Kathy excused themselves, telling me they were tired and needed to get to bed as tomorrow was a workday. On her way up to her room, Kathy asked her daughter to show me which room would be mine during my visit. Tiffany asked me to follow her and took me to the guest room that was on the opposite end of the master bedroom but directly across the hall from her bedroom. As I dropped by bag on the floor and started to unpack, Tiffany excused herself telling she wanted to shower. “No peaking.” she said with a flirtatious smile as she left.

I was a bit tired and laid down on the bed, waiting for her to finish showering when I was suddenly woken up by Tiffany telling me the shower was ready. I just stared at her for a moment, not able to register what she told me. I woke up to find a beauty queen standing at my doorway wrapped only in a towel that emphasized her large perky tits and barely came below the treasure between her legs. Her head was also wrapped up in a towel. I have always loved seeing freshly showered women wrapped only in a towel, knowing that under the towel they are completely nude. When I was kid, I loved seeing my mom or sister come out of the bathroom after showering wrapped only a towel. My gosh, I was a little pervert even as a little boy.

“Are you ok uncle Billy?” Tiffany asked before I snapped out of it and told her I was. She had always called me Uncle ever since she was a little girl. I had always thought it was cute that she called me that, but the way she was looking and the way she said 'uncle Billy' was now sounding so fucking sexy. “I'm sorry honey, I guess I fell asleep.”

“Well, the shower is all yours” she said as she turned around and walked away. Her long smooth legs looked so fucking good. I had admired them when we were out in the pool earlier in the day, but she was now looking so fucking good knowing her bare ass was just under her towel. She walked into her room and turned around to look at me with a little grin on her face as she closed her door. She had a knowing look on her face. She looked hot and she knew I was checking her out.

The next morning, Joe and Kathy were gone by the time I got up. I was on vacation and had no plans of getting up early. I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen on a mission to find coffee. That was where I found Tiffany standing at the counter waiting for the coffee to finish brewing before she served herself a cup. She wished me a good morning and gave me a kiss on the cheek. There was nothing innocent about that exchange. She had wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her bra-less perky tits against my chest when she kissed me. The best part about it was the tight Hello Kitty pajama shirt she was wearing that showed off her stiff nipples and tight pajama shorts that barely covered her ripe ass.

She told me to sit telling me she would serve my coffee. Afterwards, she bent down and opened a cupboard door looking for something. I was not sure what was happening. Was she flirting with me or was she really looking for something. When she bent over to look for whatever she was looking for, her shorts rode up her ass and I confirmed that she was wearing pink lacey underwear that only covered half her ass cheeks. Her tight teenage ass looked so smooth, I was so tempted to reach out and caress her ass. Was she purposely teasing me? I was her dad's age.

After finishing our coffee and toast, I invited her to go with me. I explained it had been a while since I had last been in town and I wanted to just drive around to check out the old town. She jumped up and told me to give her half an hour to get ready. That also gave me time to get dressed. One hour later we were out the door and on our adventure.

We drove by the high school. The trees had gotten taller and the bushes were wider, but it looked the same as when I last visited. The whole drive was very distracting. The white skirt she was wearing was causing me to lose focus on the road. When she first came out of her bedroom, I thought her legs looked spectacular in the skirt but thought nothing of the length. After we drove off, that skirt seemed to be getting shorter and shorter, showing more and more of her silky smooth thighs. Did she really not realize what she was doing? I could've sworn I saw a bit of her panties when I glanced down at her thighs.

We ended up stopping for lunch at a diner that had been in town forever. The food was great and it had always been my favorite growing up. We sat and ordered our food. I sat across from her in a booth enjoying my Coke while waiting on our food when I felt Tiffany's foot rubbing up against my legs. I had been teased enough and I needed to confront her.

“Are you always this flirtatious with all of your dad's friends or is it just me?”

“What? What are you talking about?” she asked with a feigned shocked look on her face as if I had accused her of murdering someone.

“You heard me. You can't behave like a tease towards a man and not expect there to be consequences.”

“What kind of consequences?” she asked as she went back to rubbing my legs with a big gorgeous smile on her face. That was when I confirmed that the whole time she had been purposely doing everything to get me to notice her. Was she testing me or was she a little girl trying to play grown up by flirting with a grown ass man?

I was upset that she thought she could play me the fool with everything she had done up to this point, but I couldn't stop her. I was enjoying the sexy little game she was playing. I was willing to play the fool if it meant that I could continue getting glimpse of her panties. After we were done with lunch, she suggested we go home and jump in the pool. For another chance to see her in a bikini, I quickly agreed.

On the way home it was clear that her panties were in fact pink. As we drove home, she opened her legs and slowly lifted her skirt, exposing more and more of her thighs, until her cute little panties were showing. I knew I would be in trouble if I reached out to grab her legs, but I was so tempted to see what they felt like. Fortunately, we got home before I got in trouble.

What she was wearing when she came out gave me an instant erection. This sexy smoking hot teenager came out in a white bikini that was not the same one she had worn the day before. It was obvious that it was a size or two too small. Her tits were spilling out of the bikini top that barely held her tits in place and the bottom was a thong that showed off her smooth flawless roud ass. “Do you like my outfit uncle Billy?” she asked as she twirled for me before jumping in.

“Do your parents know you wear that?” I was enjoying the show she was giving me but did not want her to know. She was forbidden fruit and I was not about to tell my friend's daughter that in fact she looked fucking sexy and if given the chance I would fuck her in a heart beat.

She giggled as she jumped into the pool. We swam around the pool with her coming up behind me asking that I give her a ride as she grabbed onto me. I did as she asked just to feel her tits on my back. The whole time we were in the pool I had an erection that would not go away. At one point, I had my back up against the pool with my arms stretched out as I leaned my head back to rest. That was when I felt Tiffany come up to me as she threw her arms around around me and pressed her body against me with her cunt making contact with my hard dick.

“Oh my god uncle Billy, you're such a perve. Are you really getting turned on by a little girl?” She was such a fucking little cock-tease and I was tired of it. I threw my arms around her and held her to me. “You are certainly not a little girl and I warned you about the consequences of acting like a little tease towards a man. The way you have been teasing me and showing me your ass has been driving me crazy. You know exactly what you're doing every time you show me your panties. So, don't be surprised with my hard cock?”

She had an upset look on her face as she pushed herself away from me and got out of the pool. She grabbed her towel and walked into the house. Most would have written her off as a tease, but I had encountered her kind before. She was one of the hottest girls around school and was used to having people do as she said. I don't think even she herself realized it, but she was looking for a man to push back and put her in her place. If she kept behaving the same way, that man would probably have to be me.

Eventually I made my way up to my room. I took a shower and laid down for a nap before going downstairs to watch TV until Kathy came home. Tiffany never came out of her room until Joe finally came home later in the evening. While having dinner, Tiffany acted so innocently, sharing with her parents the fun she had with uncle Billy driving around town and having lunch at the diner.

Later that same night, I was in the living room channel surfing. I thought everyone had gone to bed, including Tiffany. The way she had been behaving recently made me wonder if she really wanted me to take her and just fuck her or was she just being a cock-tease. After not finding anything good on cable, I turned on Netflix and settled on a movie. The plot of the movie is about an older boss that starts an affair with his younger married secretary. In one scene, she is waiting for him in his office wanting to confront him about ending their affair. Instead, he becomes forceful with her and practically rapes her, telling her she is now his and she is not going anywhere.

“Wow! That was fucking hot!” Tiffany startled me when I heard her and quickly turned around to see her leaning up against the other sofa in the same tight pajama top and only in a pair of panties. She had not even bothered putting on her tight little shorts that she had been torturing me with the last few nights. There she was teasing me again, knowing there was nothing I could do about it. If I would've gone after her, all she had to do was scream.

“I didn't know you were up.”

“Is that why you were watching porn? That was fucking hot.”

“It's not porn. Shouldn't you be in bed?”

“Nope. It's summer so I don't have a bedtime. Anyhow, I came down to say goodnight.”

She came over and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. “Goodnight uncle Billy. Sweet dreams” she said in a deep sexy voice. I couldn't help looking at her as she left. Her body was amazingly perfect. She was all women with a slim waist and a well-formed ass that swayed from side to side. After she turned the corner, she looked back and winked when she caught me staring at her perfect ass. This little slut was driving me crazy.

I stayed there for a very long time. I did not trust myself going upstairs knowing her room was directly across from mine. After watching a movie that I could not remember a single thing about, I felt it was safe to go upstairs.

The next day was a bit uneventful, unless you count having three gorgeous teenagers with tight tummies laying out by the pool interesting. The two girls that were there when I first arrived on Wednesday were back. Earlier that morning while grabbing my coffee, Tiffany had made a snide remark, telling me that her friends would be coming over and asked if I could please keep it in my pants as she walked away to her bedroom. I chose not to engage in her childish comment.

I spent most of Friday lounging around the house or spying on the three hot high school girls that were laying out by the pool in very tiny bikinis. After cleaning up the mess I had made, I thought to myself that the little cunt was getting to me. Her little flirtatious behavior had me wanting her, to see her and to feel her in my arms. After lunch, I managed to catch a nap.

It was the Friday before our Reunion and I was looking forward to a no-host mixer that was being planned for at a local bar. It had been 10 years since I had last seen most of these people. I wondered who would still be married and who would be in the same as boat as me. When Joe and Kathy finally got home, they were excited and couldn't wait to go. The four of us had dinner before we headed over to the Nowhere Lounge.

The evening was a blast. I met up with several ladies that I was looking forward to asking out to dance the next evening. As most were parents and wanting not to overdue it before Saturday night's big event, the get-together was rather short and everyone was gone by 12pm, including the two I caught a ride with.

Saturday night was finally here. Most of Saturday was spent lounging around the pool with both mother and daughter giving me plenty of eye candy. Kathy was in the same blue bikini from Wednesday, but Tiffany was looking extra hot a red bikini that looked great on her. When she undid her top to avoid any tan lines, I was very thankful to be in the pool at that moment. But now it was time to shower and get all dressed up to go see which one of those ladies was hopefully taking me home.

Things were going great at the Reunion. Everyone was eating, laughing, drinking and just having a great time, but there was something bothering me. I knew there was something more important that I needed to do and I had to leave. I explained to Joe that I was not feeling well and I needed to go home. He tried convincing me to stay, but in the end I had an Uber take me back to his house.

When I entered the house, I already knew exactly what I would be doing. Without directly telling me, Tiffany had hinted on how she wanted to be treated. She needed me to take charge and teach her how to behave properly. Plainly put, she needed an ass whooping and I was looking forward to it.

I first walked up the stairs and went to change into a t-shirt and some shorts. On my way to my room I noticed her bedroom door was ajar and her light was on. After changing, I walked into her room without knocking and stood next to her bed with her still lying there pretending to play on her tablet and not acknowledging me. I took a moment to admire her tight body for a moment.

A few moments later I brought my hands up to one of her legs and caressed her leg from her ankle up to the back of her thigh. I immediately felt the muscles on her leg react the moment I touched her. I asked her if it felt as nice as she was hoping for. She swatted my hand away and asked me to leave her alone. I knew what she really wanted and I was here to make her fantasy a reality. I placed my hand on her ass over her tight little silk shorts and again she quickly swatted my hand away before sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“Leave me alone you fucking pervert. I'm going to tell my dad when he gets home and he's going to kick your ass.”

I reminded her about the consequences of teasing a grown ass man for so long. I explained that she couldn't be walking around in her cute little panties and giving me a hard-on at all hours of the night without offering to help bring it down. “Use your fucking hand, asshole! Now get the fuck out of my room!” she yelled. I asked her if she wanted to do this the hard way or the easy way. Her response was to tell me that I was a dirty pervert and to get out of her room. With that answer, she told me exactly how she liked it. Rough.

I reached for her hair. Grabbing a handful of her beautiful golden locks I pulled her off the bed and down to her knees on the floor in front of me. I obviously caught her by surprise that she did not even have time to react. Holding on to her hair I tilted her head back, forcing her to look up at me. “You chose it this way you little slut, you must like it rough. What's the problem, do the little boys at school not know how to give you what you want? I bet you are here all by yourself on a Saturday night hoping I would come home early, weren't you?” I could've sworn there was small smirk on her face before I gave her my next order. “Now grab my shorts and pull them down, you are going to suck my cock.” She hesitated for a minute until once again I tugged on her hair.

She was starting to shake and I could see tears in her eyes. I just knew she was loving it. That was exactly what she needed. She slowly reached up and stuck her fingers into my waistband as she slowly started pulling down my gym shorts. It was pretty obvious that my shorts were not doing a very good job of hiding my stiff cock. She struggled trying to pull down my shorts as my hard dick did not make it easy. I finally reached in with my free hand and held it up against me as she pulled my shorts all the way down to the floor. I let go of my dick and almost hit her in the face as she came back up.

Her eyes were wide when she looked at my dick, telling me her mouth was not big enough and she had never sucked a dick this big. I asked her how many dicks had she sucked before and she told me only 4. I looked at her with disgust and asked her what kind of slut what she for sucking so many cocks. I told her she was obviously a horny little slut that needed to be taught a lesson on not being the school slut. “FUCK YOU” she yelled at me.

Once again I tightened my grip on her locks and told her to open her mouth. I warned her that if she tried biting I would beat her ass so hard she would not be able to walk the next day. She relented and finally opened her mouth as tears rolled down her cheeks. I pulled her head towards me as my dick met with her mouth. Whimpering, she slowly started pushing her face forward as she stretched her mouth open as wide as she could. My cock fit perfectly into her open mouth and she continued moving forward until my entire cock head was in her mouth.

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he must be president of fc barcelona
makes barcelona great again

_Marcos_ 3 years ago
Sporting CP, Portugal 15 264

Messi to Sporting CP

Spoiler alert

He's coming to Cristiano Ronaldo's home!


KeithSpringer 3 years ago
0 3

I don't even know what his next direction would be good, I'm not the biggest expert, but I have a couple of thoughts about him!

quikzyyy 3 years ago
Arsenal 429 9002

[Fabrizio Romano] Lionel Messi joins PSG... HERE WE GO!