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Calling all United brothers/sisters.
iHEARTfootball 2 months ago
Manchester United 37 901

Headlines are saying that Sancho is still our priority for the upcoming transfer window. But the Werner rumours are giving me a headache now because of his release clause, which is half (or less) of what Sancho is. I prefer we continue prioritising on Sancho, since I think our playstyle would benefit more from another attack-minded winger rather than a lone striker.

Just to hear your POV, who would you prefer we get in the summer?

And if there is another player you'd like to give a shout out to, let us know.

ashwin1729 13 days ago
Manchester United, England 10 652

@iheart: I agree with most things you've said- he has made a positive change in dressing room. He has gotten some of the dead weight. In fact, his way of making people play the game- an organic and instinctive way- is something lacking in managers these days. Everyone has their way, but no one is asking the players to express themselves while playing. I like how he's teaching the game.

But, my biggest sticking point with Ole has been this- he has managed Cardiff- got them relegated. In fact sucked bad but cardiff had some financial issues at the time- so not gonna comment. He has not done that exceptional at Molde. But that's Norway for you. He is in a similar position today as he was last year- and 2 additional wins out of the last 5 games would have gotten us UCL this year, and the team failed miserably because of man management and keeping the same tactics. To be honest, his last 4 games have showed the same lack of man management skills. Like last game, why was Ighalo not brought in till 85th min, when our players are clearly tired? The team is gassed, and he uses the same XI everytime. If we do not make it to UCL, I will blame him. Like i said before, next year is my judgment year for him. If starts real slow, he can be axed. End of the day, football is a business, and United shouldn't be complacent to lose/tie.