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Emobot7 2 months ago
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You know, when you lose your first game against the recently promoted team in your first games, is it okay to be worried? I mean, i don't want to mock Arsenal at this point, way too many peoples doing already but like, I'm beggining to be seriously worried about them. How can thing go so poorly for them? Are they about to pull off a Schalke this season? Do you guys think things are gonna get better for them or maybe I'm just overeacting?

Footy_watch 1 month ago
Newcastle United, Brazil 5 1354

What Passive aggression? Are you sure it was me?

Footy_watch 22 days ago
Newcastle United, Brazil 5 1354

I'm temporarily an Arsenal fan for the NLD, come on Arsenal

DarthFooty 21 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 16 818

Arsenal moved up to 10th with three league wins in a row and the bounce win in Carabao. Beating Tottenham is always a nice feather in the cap as well.

Good to see them playing up to their potential and hope they can keep it up.

Emobot7 21 days ago
458 10803

@DarthFooty Yep, thing looking much better for Arsenal right now. If anything, Tottenham and Arsenal kinda switched place in term of performance after the international break.