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  • Full NameGinko
  • Birthday1990-10-30
  • GenderDude
  • Club:Arsenal
  • National Team:South Korea
  • Bio/AboutArsenal & Torino ♥
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Proud of my team. Will follow no matter what
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I've watched that game live as a kid. No matter how many times I watch the full game again, I see no big problem with both sides playing rough. Referee decisions could've been on our favor but hey, we were the host country back then. If ref decisions like this happened during bigger games like Italy vs Germany or Italy vs Spain, it wouldn't have been controversial at all. Admit it. Some Italians are just butthurt about the fact they lost to weaker team like us trying to find excuses. The only time I admit there was a bribery was during the Spain vs Korea. With all my heart I want to apologize to Spaniards for what has happened during that game. But this one? I am least bit sorry about it :P