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stupid fucking luis enrique with his useless tactics against small teams. if you have iniesta, suarez and messi on the bench it means you know there is a chance you may need them. so why not start with them if you think you need them and get all the goals you need from them then sub them one after the other. dont start with your bench players, then try to get back into the game by using all your subs at once because you urgently need them now.........what happens if another player gets injured after using all your subs? very useless coaching, every game is just as important regardless of the team because they all carry the same 3pts weight. play a preventive strategy and not a corrective strategy. you prevent mistakes from happening not try to correct them after happening.
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Man city still needs work. You guys see a win. All I see is 5-3 barcelona is still going through if this was a knock out stage.