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Manchester United
  • Full NameKamil
  • Birthday1997-12-19
  • GenderMale
  • Club:Manchester United
  • National Team:Poland
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"Pass the ball to Bastian!" - made my day, since Bastian comes in i was smiling till the end :) Great performance, Miki and Martial on point... now do it again in PL :D
Worst Rated Comment
Imagine being GK in that last situation. Ball is coming to Sigurdsson path, you don't know if he is off or not (you don't need to know, it's not your job), therefore you have no idea what is he going to do (he might take that ball and shoot, or try to change the direction - doesnt matter if he is sitting or standing). He moves his legs in last moment, no time to react (in fairness there is no way De Gea would be able to save it, but it doesn't matter), the ball is in the net, but the flag went up, Sigudsson was in fact offside. I see nothing wrong here.