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what happen to football now.. even I more enjoy watching small clubs who fight their ball as they play to the death. These big clubs.. just a disgrace for me to watch: easy to fall, begging for referee's mercy all the time. And one thing for sure is that Barcelona reaally sucks at defense. Just look how they got ball so easily in their net without any efforts. Barcelona's attack is awesome though, but their defense is just dreadful.
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What is this??

I think the Premier League side would be:

Krul (New)

Kompany (Cit) - Taylor (New) - Colloccini (New)

Rooney (MU) - Yaya Toure (Cit) - Song (Ars) - Bale (Tot)

Aguero (Cit) - RVP (Ars) - Silva (Cit)

The Newcstle duo at the back line would make a perfect rock with Krul, and nothing more to say about  players of City this season.