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Real Madrid
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I hope this sheds some light on the dark tunnel brain of messi fanboys....noone said he is not a great player, but they were trash talking about Ronaldo games for being a clutch finisher, so didnt barca need just one goal to put this game to the bed, well i never saw messi doing so much today, neither looks dangerous in anywhere at plays...yup learn to respect the Art of the game fools, even if that means goalkeeping to def, and yes finishing and scoring goal is most important as it wins u game. And having said that, Congrats to Roma for turning this tie around, you guys thoroughly deserve this, i have nothing but to laugh at barca face lol lol for all the trash talk !!!
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Yes yes yes Penaldooooo wohoooo lol idk how this is a derogatory statement...steps up at 90 plus min and scores the clutches goal to put madrid through... and two other in previous game!!! i swear Ronaldo is somethingelse man !