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Manchester United
New York
  • Birthday1900-11-30
  • GenderUnspecified
  • LocationNew York
  • Club:Manchester United
  • National Team:USA
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Top Rated Comment
I love United but they will not win Europa League Final...They don't deserve that trophy because lads play boring and not so smart football. Antoine Griezmann and Pogba = 200M $ but they are dad flop. Our boys must play for proud because they play at Manchester United. If they want money they should try Chinese or Arabic Leagues...I'm so sorry for my team, I miss my team :(
Worst Rated Comment
Feel sorry for my favourit player Cristiano Ronaldo :( He’s playing at Juventus, a team which I never Liked and I’ll never like! Such a borring team and overrated :( He’ll does his best at a team like Manchester City,Liverpool or Ajax (but I never never want to see him at ManCity or Liverpool)