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@AnacondaRifle dude we've been out of form for the past 3 managers, reuniting with our childhood hero OGS is a story football fans would love to tell in the future. how he came back in Paris with 10 injured players and how he's fielding academy players in every game. just like how excited the world was (me included) when we witness leicester winning the league. all these goes down in football history. who gives a shit who Neymar plays against. As far as i'm concerned, he is one hell of a disgrace to football. but we forgive you, as a chelsea fan its hard to comprehend whats football history.
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OGS made a mistake getting lingaard in. should have played fred and dalot instead of pereira and lingaard with lukaku upfront. oh well, learning point. i cant wait to see how he builds the team this summer.