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Real Madrid
Kuala Lumpur
Emobot7 5 years ago
493 10977
Mate! I just seen your comment Dynast thread and it reasurring, been so long since I last saw from you. Happy to know your still active mate. I'm hoping your enjoying the summer. Anyway all the best mate and happy to see you, been too long. :)
rayrex7 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Croatia 26 797
hahaha yo man what's up! I know i havent been active a lot especially because i have lots of exams this month lol. But i appreciate your comment, it really made my day :). I'll try to be active more especially with the start of the new season!
tiki_taka 5 years ago
Barcelona, France 366 9755
thanks mate that would be epic tho ;)
liomessi10 6 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053
lol would've been nice if i could see you in jeddah.
liomessi10 6 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053
no at the moment i'm not in saudi basically my dad changed jobs so we moved from riyadh to jeddah so at the moment my dad's over there. we just have to stay here in london until the house in jeddah is furnished and painted and everything. maybe in early december or if things go ewell, some time in novemeber.
Dynastian98 6 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140
Thanks bro. I'm glad to have you as a part of the forum. You're definitely one of the members I respect most.
Emobot7 6 years ago
493 10977
Hey ray, I saw you changed your profile pic, good to see someone with Luka Modric as their pic. Keep up the good work lad. ;D
liomessi10 6 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053
Eid mubarak!
liomessi10 6 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053
It's 15 hours here but im only awake for 9 hours.
liomessi10 6 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053
Hey r u fasting? How long is it where u r?
Emrecan_58 7 years ago
Besiktas 149 3374
It's actually my 2nd year but I couldn't take any lessons last year because of my illness. So I consider myself in 1st year. We study mathematics and Physics generally for now. But those will be divided to a few parts in 2nd term. Like Algebra or Circuit theory etc. We also take Material Science and Introduction to Programming lessons (C programming)
Dynastian98 7 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140
It takes someone with a genuine ability to understand the minute tactics of football. Our goal against Atletico was entirely thanks to Ronaldo and Carvajal. Carvajal made a terrific run to beat Luis and send in a cross, but it was Ronaldo's diagonal run that dragged away Godin and Jimenez from Benzema, leaving Benzema with a wide open header. I talked to my Algerian Barca-fan friend about this goal, and he agreed that the goal happened because of Ronaldo's run but refused to give him any credit for it (he chose to credit the Algerian-born Benzema with the goal instead, haha what a surprise). Most people discredit Ronaldo because of his perceived arrogant nature, which is basically just him being overly emotional on the pitch about everything. It is annoying sometimes, but that's just the type of person he is and if he was any different he wouldn't be Cristiano Ronaldo. I agree with you that his footballing IQ is second to none. Messi is a natural born player, but tactically he is not able to do ANYTHING. Ronaldo's adaptation to tactics is remarkable, and if he notices that he won't be able to beat the RB, he will go for one of the CB's. If he can't beat the CB's, he will go for the LB. When it comes to a player like Messi, Messi uses his talent to beat players. If Messi is stopped, then he is unable to tactically find a way around his problems. I still believe Messi to be the better player, but in no way is Ronaldo NOT a Top 10 player in history already. Players like him, Alonso, and Modric are the main reasons why we won any trophies at all in the last 6 seasons.
tiki_taka 7 years ago
Barcelona, France 366 9755
Iam not offended mate thats your opinion and i should respect it
SuperRobinVanPersie 10 years ago
Arsenal, England 11 196
thanks for the add friend, have a nice day :)
ironfist2010 10 years ago
Real Madrid, Egypt 69 907
you're welcome my friend :)
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