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Melbourne, Australia
minoas57 8 years ago
Arsenal, Greece 8 155
Γεια!Βασικα ηθελα να σου πω να δεις το βιντεο με τη γιαγια στο le mix (ακου προσεκτικα τους ανθρωπους στην κερκιδα) Sorry if you don't speak Greek but you said that you can and me english are bad
ramaboy10 11 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463
Thanks man :) You can post that one if you want
ramaboy10 11 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463
If you want to do it sometimes, PLEASE ask me on which one you want to do and I will probably let you most of the time. Please stick to the format ; Player VS #??? __ VS __ and also do a vid on each player individually, then together (e.g 1 messi 1 ronaldo and then Messi and Ronaldo) thanks!
ramaboy10 11 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463
I will do those 2 , 100% (great idea) However, I cannot find a vid of them 2 vs eachother
naman93 11 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859
Thanks for your positive reply :)
naman93 11 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859
you named the thread "value of the player #5". This was not by incident otherwise you would not have named it "#5" ..... ofcourse you knew there were other four previously. Anyways I renamed it to the current name. Please avoid such a thing in future as some users might be offended like devilz got just now. Cheers !!
nandaYNWA 12 years ago
Liverpool, Australia 87 946
@naman93, I' not a moderator.
naman93 12 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859
i saw u deleted ur comment and added a new one ..... u r a moderator rite ??
Sport_AB 12 years ago
Real Madrid, Italy 0 0
Lool you guys have become regular costumers at the bridge :D
MischaCollins 12 years ago
Manchester City, Japan 4 138
HA! Love that show too! I thought no one would get it! Kudos to you!
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