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FIFA needs to regain one morsel of honour back by subtracting Fair Play points from both Japan and Poland. It's not against the rules, I know, to do what Japan did, and some will even call it tactics. But, this is only true when the other team is still chasing after you and the game is still being played (albeit in an undignified manner). When BOTH teams stop playing, however, then it's something different.

This argument would be meaningless if Japan proceeded on goal difference or goals scored (say they had 3 more than Senegal). But for them to make it because of FAIR PLAY and Senegal, who set such a great example, should be knocked out, then this should be taken into consideration. I wonder if more people would take this seriously were France or Germany the ones in Senegal's place...
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@colkurtz8 mate, what are you on about? 1) You realise that players can get sold even if they don't want to leave? Leaving does not = lack of loyalty in many cases.
2) Just because his success at Liverpool didn't last, doesn't mean his celebration isn't genuine. Did you stop to consider that perhaps the man just really loves Liverpool? Maybe his fondest professional memories in football are from there?

""Liverpool is my club," he says, smiling. "I try to follow every game. I still support them, I wish them all the best."" - from a sky sports article in 2017.

It's people like you who forget that it's not just about winning and "success", people can be loyal without having "made it" somewhere, so stop commenting such ridiculous rubbish. Also, he's had that hair colour all season...