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Eden17Hazard17 9 years ago
Chelsea FC 157 4232
I thought you were banned :(
knibis 9 years ago
Valencia, Sweden 181 2500
Yeha hope so, but im not really a basketball follower tbh:)
Emrecan_58 9 years ago
Besiktas 149 3375
Hey mate, do you also follow Basketball? I hope we can meet in the Final of Eurocup this year. We are both in Quarters. Great to have an Ultras fan like you.
mladen 10 years ago
Manchester United, Yugoslavia 253 2319
what is your steam name mate? I want to try PES15 game with you.
knibis 10 years ago
Valencia, Sweden 181 2500
no doubt Erdogan is moving closer to the ottoman theocracy, Mustafa Kamal was a great man making a 500 year old khilafah into a secular nation state
Emrecan_58 10 years ago
Besiktas 149 3375
Hey mate, yeah that "coup attempt" as you know was a set up of course :) this goverment trying to go back to Ottoman times or in other words " Islamic Country" so we will not let that happen. But as you see they try to shut us from the beginning. They even killed a 14 year old boy and then told people that" he was a terrorist" but he was going to buy a bread for his mother in "İstanbul Streets".
michaeldoctor1 10 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, Spain 36 1151
Hey look in the forum for something I posted about Valencia. Look it up and tell me what you think
tiki_taka 10 years ago
Barcelona, France 367 9768
Hi knibis, happy to have you here so we can talk free without going off topic or ruining others thread. Just know i have any hate towards jews, many friends of mine are french or morocan jews, as i have many muslim friends... im not antisemitic because in fact im a semith descendant :) , i was interested in your last posts before the Israel post was closed, we can talk and share our views... My paents are muslims, im not but i dont understand what makes you hateful toward this religion, i would understand if you dont want to talk about it but it would be interesting for me to know where we disagree ? Epl/Liga : The truth has finally been admited in this forum toward top 3 spanish teams level, im sure other Spanish clubs would be more powerfull with extra liquidity. I treated Lodatz as an EPL knibis, because first i know what he thinks about you and second because i believe the truth is somewhere in the midle of your oposite points. I never thought you were a troll and i respect your vision as his, i' ve found the treatment you faced that time a bit exagerated considering you gave some interesting facts, but i dont share your whole point. We cant agree about everything :) but feel free to start any debate in my wall, i have no pbs of debating and i respect oposite views of mine. Im a fan of Valencia new coach and i hope you will go far in EL, as im Spanish clubs supporter...
knibis 11 years ago
Valencia, Sweden 181 2500
you cant complain on the forward position even though it was there we sold a star striker, in comparison to the other position and the coach style of play the forward position has been awesome. but Postiga has had little to work on as we suck big time on other positions, still scored 3 goals which is good If Soldado had stayed we wouldnt have better build up play, we would still have been outplayed by Betis, Espanyol and Swansea
Golden 11 years ago
35 693
Postiga with more goals, this time two against Barcelona. The first one was a cracker, the second was great too. I told you he would put in goals for Valencia. ;)
Golden 11 years ago
35 693
Postiga scored tonight for Valencia in his first game! You won't be disappointed with his transition. :)
hangman 11 years ago
Borussia Dortmund, Switzerland 0 24
hello my friend :)
KING_of_10_TOTTI 11 years ago
AS Roma, Italy 1 37
Thanks for the ADD man ... but i'll never comment about Football on a Highlight again i get Insulted with no reason whatsoever in every single Page, may be i'll Post in the Forums but i expect Haters will hate too and force moderators to close the Discussion .. :(
Boixosnois1981 11 years ago
Barcelona 49 508
hey man, sorry for all the stuff on my wall its comments i saved for the forums.
Footaholic 12 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277
looks like you got some trolls calling you a racist for no apparent reason...
knibis 12 years ago
Valencia, Sweden 181 2500
yeah, no shit. And to top it off many people have multiple accounts only to thumb up them self and thumb down others. no-lifers.
raimondo90 12 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2492
Hey, I'll explain to you why people thumbs you down. There is a lot of dumb ass people here that because they don't agree they will abuse and thumbs u down instead of actually having a discussion. Just ignore it. I have plenty of people that don't like me just because I showed them up.
raimondo90 12 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2492
Why is he leaving us...? Very sad news for me. :(
knibis 12 years ago
Valencia, Sweden 181 2500
Yeah he is leaving, Mauricio Pellegrino is the new coach
raimondo90 12 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2492
Did u hear Unai Emery might be leaving?
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