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I will never understand Sarri's decision to bring him to London. His last season with Juve was ok (with a very strong side behind him), his first 6 months with AC Milan were terrible. Even a young Polish striker who just arrived in Italy (Piatek) managed to do better than him in just 3-4 months. Higuain had its best career season with Sarri in Napoli a few years ago, but this Higuain is not the same one (3-4 years older, at least 5 additional kg) and Sarri should be held responsible for this failed purchase
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And again (sorry, last post, I don't intend to waste any more of my time with Ligue 1 fans) I see that, while I bring facts on the table (like my post below with all players PSG bought from Serie A), you just reply with stupid gibberish that don't bring any added value to the conversation... not that I did expect otherwise from a PSG fan... THANK YOU RENNES