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Dynastian98 10 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140
Hey mate, I was wondering if you could take a look into the "Player Profiles" thread. It would be nice of you to volunteer some time into the idea of making the profile of a player of your choice. Thanks for the consideration. :)
KingHenry 10 years ago
Arsenal, France 44 1362
I love your profile pic, that goal was the best memory of mine of the 2011/2012 :) congrats on being a gooner as well
Tuanis 10 years ago
Manchester United, England 86 2310
Ive alwayys tried to be very low profile about my age and nationality haha but Im very proud of my country, Thanks! Pura Vida!
Tuanis 10 years ago
Manchester United, England 86 2310
shhhh... its a secret, but yeah, I am :)
Footaholic 12 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277
Check out my first official Article (regarding Podolski) on the forums. I think you'll find it interesting. Tell the other Gunners b/c I don't know them all.
Azandre_69 12 years ago
Chelsea, France 9 114
Merci beaucoup (thank you very much)
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