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In this game, Liverpool showed how great they are going forward in the first half and how well they have improved defensibly in the second half. So happy with our progress, especially in defense. YNWA! One foot in the door to the semi finals.
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You guys are fooled by team names. Yes Madrid beat 3 league champs to reach the final who all played garbage. PSG has no cohesion. All they did was pass ball and dribble. No collective team effort. Neymar and MBappe tried doing it all on their own, losing the ball each time. No hope of winning with that crap. Juventus shot themselves in the foot and yet they almost beat Madrid. By the way Juve always choke in big games, so no surprise there. All Bayern did was pass the ball around with no danger. Keeper made a mistake gifting Benzema an empty net. None of these teams did great against Madrid. So that argument that Madrid beat 3 champions means absolutely nothing. Liverpool would have won against all of those teams too. We’ll see next weekend and let the results talk for themselves. YNWA