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decentK 8 years ago
Arsenal 38 2896
Haha lol
louis_van_gaal 8 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 38 786
I completely respect your opinion on memes. Some can be kind of stupid. Also, I was not talking to you when I talked about people targeting me. You had a fair question about what I was doing. On another topic, I saw you had a youtube channel so I checked it out. I must say, you seem like a fun guy. :)
decentK 8 years ago
Arsenal 38 2896
Cheers bud
Emobot7 8 years ago
538 11429
Hey buddy, just wanted to tell it was nice to watch the Madrid game with you. You're a good lad and I hope we'll get to do it again in the future. Hope thing work out all right for your team and for yourself. ;)
decentK 9 years ago
Arsenal 38 2896
Not offended at all.. have a great day brother.
rayrex7 9 years ago
Real Madrid, Croatia 26 797
Mate, I apologize if you felt offended or what not about Giroud. However Like I said before He is still a terrific striker but his finishing is dull and he has a very weak goal mentality. But nonetheless like you said he is arguably the best ball holder and one of the best in aerial duels. His passing and team play is very good as well I would put him in my top 5 team play strikers. If he could practice his finishing, I won't be surprised if he bagged 20-25 PL goals a season.
shpalman 9 years ago
AC Milan, Italy 55 2252
mate you mistook french people with italian people. i'm 34 years old, and when i was 13 English was already mandatory in italian schools. but seriously, that syd guy is not italian, he's a troll.
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