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West Ham United
Kecskemet, Hungary
  • Birthday1989-12-30
  • GenderGuy
  • LocationKecskemet, Hungary
  • Club:West Ham United
  • National Team:England
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You don't know anything about Carroll... he's always motivated, wants to win every single game. he's a real teamplayer, not selfish at all, he is happy to create chances to his mates. the Hammers can use his abilyties! if the liverpool don't want him, we will, thank you very much!
Worst Rated Comment
you know what, go and win the beautiful spanish league, and be happy about it! you have only 4 difficult match in a year. but in the premier league, even the best teams have 19 great opponents, and 38 bloody serious matches... can you name me every spanish first class team, captain and manager? i can the english ones. you know why? because in the epl, they're all fucking great!!!