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  • Full NameCliffian Wisan
  • Birthday2011-12-01
  • GenderMale
  • Club:Juventus
  • National Team:
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Okay to sum it all up, juve outclassed madrid. Madrid's defender line was horrible. But I think juve had it coming. They had 7 yellow cards and 1 red card. A lot of those yellows are supposed to be reds but the ref didnt gave them the red. And for the penalty, 100% deserved cause thats a foul. And for the penalty itself, unsaveable mate. unsaveable. Today, juve deserves to win, and they did. But remember how madrid outclassed juve in the first leg. So both teams deserved to win. Madrid was just lucky enough to go through to the next round.
Worst Rated Comment
People that said ref helped madrid is just purely dumb. That's just your reason to blame the ref cause real madrid already whooped ur shitty ass team. Yeah bayern had an amazing game but maybe if the keeper didnt fk up, they would've won. Blame ur own team for not finishing their own chances instead of blaming the other team for just playing the game and doing their job.