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Atletico Madrid
  • Birthday1983-11-21
  • GenderUnspecified
  • Club:Atletico Madrid
  • National Team:Ireland
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Athletic are maybe not very much known around Europe, but they are one of the historical Spanish clubs, and very respected in Spain. They have got a brilliant youth academy system, maybe the best alongside Barcelona's... and all their players are not only Spanish, but Basque!!! It is incredible what they accomplished!! I fully respect them, but hope we will beat them in the final! Viva Atletico & viva Athletic!! Europa League is red and white!
Worst Rated Comment
I am Atletico supporter, but this was FIXED!! Very clearly! Let's see if FIFA don't want to do something about this... In other sort of things, I am surprised about the lack of attitude, and the lack of ambition of Juve!! What about if they have to face Real Madrid?? Bayern?? Chelsea?? on the next round? They have 0.000001% chance of continuing after the next round! RIDICULOUS!