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Los Angeles, CA
amir_keal 6 years ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 66 2894
Hey man, is there something that can be done about supposedly moderator Dynastian98? I once requested him to not post on my wall, because his reasoning was not justified, but he decides to do so anyway. Again, on a Bayern Munich thread, he decided to ban me for something unjustified. He constantly moans about the lack of respect he gets as a moderator, without looking at himself. He posts on my wall, despite my request. He also decides to undelete his messages on MY wall. Its been going on for months now. Seriously, I've tried respecting him, but he never shows the same, and now he bans me. I want your take on it.
amir_keal 6 years ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 66 2894
Also, one thing. Please be as honest as you can. I don't want you just taking anyone's side for no reason, that's all.
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