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  • Full NameEpitomy
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@lamela its a little bold of you to try using Arsenal's thrashings over the years against us, when tottenham's have been far worse lmaoo. You havent beaten liverpool since 2012 and they have since kicked your ass 5-0,4-0 and 3-0. Man City beat you 5-1 at your stadium and 6-0 and 4-1 in the last 2/3 years. You've had your fair share of drubbings by both Chelsea and United. But the saddest thing about your whole argument was you citing tottenham's 5-1 win against Arsenal in the CARLING CUP in 2008, while failing to mention Arsenal's 5-2 wins against tottenham in the PREMIER LEAGUE TWO TIMES IN A ROW (2012). If Arsenal is shit, Tottenham is twice as bad. To further reinforce my point, Sheffield beat Tottenham 6-0...
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btw the next spurs fan who comments on this page is a certified racist clansman