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Are you daft?! Argentina's red card was not deserved but neither was Chile's second yellow card. Messi ran into the lad, he even turned around to further prove his intent of avoiding another foul; what was he supposed to do? Dive outta the way? The referee realized he committed a mistake, causing him to overcompensate by making them even. All I say is that it was a fair, deserved win for Chile. They may not be the best team man-to-man, but played the game flawlessly by shutting Argentina down. Besides, your opinion is clearly not objective and invalid as you're a rage-filled Argentinian who can't stand winning jacksh*t for the last 23 years.
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Walcott had a better game than all of our attackers except Iwobi actually. I thought the Walcott scapegoat bandwagon by plastics was already over.