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Real Madrid
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  • Club:Real Madrid
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If only Mourinho would have played with Essien as RB in the first leg and without that rubbish Pepe. Pepe cost us 2 goals, but Mourinho was at fault for playing him.Mourinho should have started playing most of the games in this formation:D.Lopez/CassiliasEssien-Ramos-Varane-ConetraoOzil-Kaka-Modric-Di MariaBenzema-C.Ronaldo When Higuain plays poor Benzema plays well and vice-versa, so Mourinho should have changed Higuain at half time.Now that he's gonna go, Real Madrid will get a coach that plays more attacking, it's not that Mourinho did not play attacking, this is the first time that he's managed a team and played so attacking, but he still did not play as much attacking as Real M. could. This season Real M played way more defensive than last season.
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Celtic thought that if they managed to get some good results with Barca then they're ready for the big guns. lol Barca we're only playing with Celtic, plus Celtic we're only parking the bus and once they got a good result against Barca they became braver and played an open game with Juve. They actually thought they can win, I guess Juve gave them a football lesson and woke them to reality, don't underestimate any top teams, they're not top teams for nothing...