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AC Milan
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How are ppl even complaining about courtois on twitter, they are making madrid fans look so stupid. Marcelo was covering wide when there was nothing to cover, ramos didnt follow his man or didnt react to the pass courtois comes out to close the space which every keeper does the player has a good look to whip the ball across with his toe. Fans saying he had to come out faster thinks he is usain bolt and ppl saying put in navas again are just blaming navas next time he concedes a goal. I remembered when they were all crying they needed a better gk the first game against bayern
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The first girona goals is exactly the reason why pique and busquets arent good defensively. I mean even good defenders can have a bad moment or whatever, but i just hate it when people call pique a top 10 defender or busquets a top 5 CDM. He is a good passer with great vision but man his defensive output is almost non existent