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Manchester United
Somewhere in this world
  • Full NameUnited fan
  • Birthday1994-03-01
  • GenderUnspecified
  • LocationSomewhere in this world
  • Club:Manchester United
  • National Team:South Korea
  • Bio/AboutWe are the Champ. If you a united fan too, then I command you to add me as your friend.
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Arsenal fans shouldn't even be here. You guys can't play good football.
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@ EmoEater. I know right? Every time Philips adds his comment. It always ends up with 20+ thumbs up instantly!! Even some of his sh.itty comments ends up with 20+ thumbs up. I bet he has like over 20 accounts to thumb himself up. What a no life. It's funny because the people that didn't agree with you could be the same person who uploaded the comment. Watch out Philips