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Paris Saint-Germain
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  • Club:Paris Saint-Germain
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I dont see how people voted PSG lucky...
My analysis: PSG were clinical because we had our two best forwards players (Ney/Mbappe) in excellent form and because bayern's defence is their weakness this season. We got low possesion and many opportunities against us because we lacked our two best midfielders and Bayern have great midfielders. And Bayern didn't score more because they lacked their best forward (+ Gnabry). Add to that the fact that Navas had a great game (is anybody surprised at this point?) and the score seems pretty legit. NOW, this is PSG and they tend to play WAY worst on second legs and to be honest Bayern is still Bayern so anything can happen in second leg. Anyways great game, I believe the best team (but not by much) won today.
Worst Rated Comment
- PSG stopped Barca's record streak of reaching 13 consecutive UCL quarter-finals (scoring 4 in camp nou)
- PSG stopped Bayern unbeaten run in the competition & became the first team to knock them out since Hansi Flick took charge (and scored 3 in Alliance Arena)
- PSG also missing KEY players: our best CB Marquinhos (and capitain!) and our best midfielder (Verratti) in last game.
- PSG reached the finals last year.

Yet some people keep saying that the team is lucky... that we will be easily beaten by City or real... I don't get it... Anyways, On to the semis :)