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F*** you Lacoste, you don't even watch it and you just repeat what some assholes say ...French players are bought for other leagues, I believe it's the one of the first nation about exporting players in other leagues , so no wonder Ligue1 can't grow .... Besides that , we ask nothing, just let's french teams play .and let us in peace.. We never talk about portugal, polish, Estonia, Belgium leagues ... so why this hate for french league ?? Your league is great, but always the same teams winning and your national team is poor. My league is trash ok , but the national team is one of the best, so see it balances
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Let's not forget Switzerland had 3 days more to rest than France.
I am mentioning that coz it was obvious at end France could have killed the game but lack of stamina.
And coz the coach, we wasted one period ...