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Sporting CP
  • Birthday1900-11-30
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  • Club:Sporting CP
  • National Team:Canada
  • Websiteochinomasfino
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What??? Are you for real??? MU is the team people want to see win. A giant of the sport who has been knocked down the last few years. Old boy returns home to lead them to victory. Has a bunch of kids punching way above their weight. Going up against the Nouveau Riche club who arguably ruined the game with the outrageous purchase of NeyNey. They come into Paris, battered and hurt, riding on nothing but pride and youthful optimism and naive enthusiasm. And, at the very last minute, they take the W, in fabled Fergie Time. The script writes itself. This is Rocky Balboa on the pitch. You know NOTHING Jon Snow.
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LOL.... nice one.... except Chelsea doesnt even have anyone that can do that at all. Howz that SariBalls working for ya?? LOL