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Real Madrid/Barcelona
Dickriding Drogba
DarioUtd 5 years ago
Manchester United 27 493
Hey man.. Sorry for getting a little bit heated on the Spurs vs Man Utd game towards you. I've got nothing personal against you honestly! I just got annoyed by the way people are just criticising Sanchez for joining United.. But yeah, i'm sorry. :)
NovaRuk 5 years ago
Real Madrid/Barcelona, Malaysia 17 741
sure mate. It's just a game. I know how it feels when people throw stuff out at your team. I'm sorry too.
AlexBatak 8 years ago
Chelsea, Italy 204 2707
Thanks for reporting NovaRuk.
spanish 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 14 343
Hey I saw your apology on the forum I accept it. Sorry for getting angry at you. I didnt say this on forum cosim banned for 1 week
liomessi10 8 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053
btw if you support real madrid you are suppposed to hate barca. if you support barca you hate real madrid
liomessi10 8 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053
i don't know why i get a 1 for every post.
gembira97 8 years ago
Manchester United, Brazil 18 63
assalammualaikum gua pun Malaysian. Maksud sya Melayu. =)
ramaboy10 9 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463
How can you support Barca and Madrid? That's impossible.
Bogdan 9 years ago
Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine 23 592
No prob:D
gagagoodlife 9 years ago
Chelsea, England 14 325
No problem, thanks for adding me. I find it cool that you support both Barca and Real Madrid ;D
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