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Greetings all. I've been stalking this admirable corner of the net since May (a week before the CL final I think), I've always been tempted to join but as a typical Internet user I have been very lazy.
I've seen Dynastian and Wolfie fight on all sorts of topics. I've seen deserving users get modded although I didn't pay much attention to those threads. I've seen almost all of tiki_taka's, a very intelligent Barca fan, posts since then and tbh he recently said something which finally made me sign up:
"There is a place for everyone here..."
This could have been done sooner but then I got hooked on Reddit and since it's preseason I don't think this place is as active as it can be.
Anywho, expect more posts from me after this 10 day limit thing is off. Hopefully you guys have found another active smart user who enjoys healthy debates :D