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The 2nd goal should have been awarded without a penalty. and like Always Sergio Ramos hits our players and then complains about getting red cards , he was lucky that wasn't a red card but proves his bs to everyone , acting like the victim .I wish they showed it in detail here. elbow slaps him for no reason except his frustration like usual
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People say Ronaldo is selfish because he is , stop with this bs you guys pick one game or 2 and bam look hes the best or nicest, you go with that standard, , there are videos on youtube of ronaldo being mad at another player goal went in because his bicycle kick didnt go in or not celebrating , i didn't state Ronaldo is a bad guy but as a football player he is very selfish and full of him self, Stating Im the best ever , The best players dont state it , they wait for people to tell them