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Real Madrid
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  • Club:Real Madrid
  • National Team:England U19
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Honestly barcelona win is disgrace towards Liga BBVA because the Referee is son of a bitch! What a cunt! they win because of the referee. Madrid has a lot of chance. Actually R.M got a lot of penalties. Bale was tackled by Pique on the penalty box. and WTF the referee is blind! Neymar dive what da faak! and Busquets steps at PEPE Face! What a cunt! PUTA BARCA! FUCK U BARCA ! FUCK U UNDIANO MALLENCO!!!! FUCK #HALAMADRID!!!!!!!1
Worst Rated Comment
The Nigerian goalkeeper played really well at the first 40 minutes, but after that, he just let easy goals came in.... luckily Nigeria manage to go to the next stage