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Real Madrid
pon di riva pon di boat
  • Full NameM0NG00S3
  • Birthday1985-01-01
  • GenderDude
  • Locationpon di riva pon di boat
  • Club:Real Madrid
  • National Team:Jamaica
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man people like you are like cancer to football, what you want him to do?? when he scores they say he was selfish, when hes a team player and makes chances they say he is performing poor... WATCH the fucking game in full and dont talk based on highlights!!
Worst Rated Comment
Real DOMINATED bayern all through the game, before and after the red card
Talk about bs calls, how about giving a penalty to that "flying dutchman" for diving like a little princess flapping his legs over exaggerating the call, and for that piece of garbage vidal! he should have been sent off in the first half when he tackled isco from behind, he was no where near the ball
buying refs my ass ... you want more bullshit calls, how about not giving the penalty when casemiro was fouled in the box ? you wanna talk about offsides or unjust goals that changed the momentum of the game? how about a bs penalty & offside that led to an own goal, btw did u see mullers face after the OG he was celebrating like he scored the pivotal goal in the UCL final LOL