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Paris Saint-Germain
  • Birthday1987-02-05
  • GenderUnspecified
  • Club:Paris Saint-Germain
  • National Team:France
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Well well well ... :) That's what you get for underrating PSG you cocky chelsea fans (i know not every chelsea fan is like this but in this website that the impression I always had). Maybe you'll talk less trash about the other teams now.
Worst Rated Comment
Lol at people freaking out about Mbappe and comparing him to Neymar on "dirty play"... 16 fouls from belgium. And did you see the agressivety of Uruguay and Argentina against France?
It's like you've never played football in your life...
If i'm that fast and people keep pulling my shirt and making little irritating fouls against me during a game, I'll jump like a dolphin to the floor to get get him out.
You get a little media attention and everybody starts hating... Hazard has dived in the past too. (BTW I love Hazard, I'm just saying 95% of technical/fast players do this, just as defensive players pull shirts and do smart defensive "dirty" plays.)
Comparing him to Neymar (who spent 14minutes of the world cup on the floor) is al little harsh for a 19 year old. But keep hating.