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AC Milan
  • Birthday1990-01-15
  • GenderUnspecified
  • Club:AC Milan
  • National Team:Italy
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Spurs need to appeal to the FA for protection coz they are suffering from rape far too often and as for suarez what can we say hes just a predatory striker whose bound for madrid soon
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Arsenal fans are talking about offside goals mwahahahahahahaha are u fuckkkkking serious?? what game did you guys watch?? seriously city owned you from start to finish it was almost unfair, thier defense is just sloppy and they let in preventable goals as for arsenal fans listen up even if you had all the goals u claim the actual score for city should be 8. Dont moan about not being given goals when u were clearly outmuscled all over the pitch arent u even ashamed to make those claims lmao please stop it